by Eva
From the windows of my soul, I remember Russia.
Fallen dreams of a faraway home, My children in you are dying.
Does no one hear, see, or understand?  Is there no one to give a compassionate hand?
Faithfully, in your midst I'll stand; I will pray for you.

In the cold, dark night they roam,  my sisters and my brothers,
Searching hungrily for all thoughts of home, longing to embrace their Father.
Hear their cries so deep in the night.  See their tears falling fast from their eyes.
Who will defend them from all evil and lies?  I will be a voice for you.

Far beyond gray prison walls, in solitude confining.
Holding on to blessed hope, yet another flame is slowly dying.
"Hold fast, My beloved, as death draws near, and do not fear, no, do not fear!
By My Spirit, I'll be ever near.  In death, I will stand by you.

"Hear the beat of the distant drum across the crystal waters.
Where I'll await you by Heaven's shore, My sons and My daughters.
No more never-ending tragedies of human suffering or atrocities.
I'll bear you up on eagle's wings and bring you home to Me."
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Poem was composed in 1984 and published by The Jerusalem Post Daily Internat Edition, October 6, 1998; 
"ON THE WINGS OF A BIRD" -- poem by Eva
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